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Stockbridge Community Outreach recognizes that students who depend upon free and reduced breakfasts and lunches at school have a "food gap" on the weekends.  To help fill the food gap (and the stomachs!) of those students, we created the Tide Me Over program where weekly food bags are sent home with each child who applies to participate.

We serve preschool through high school students.


 This program, started in 2011, has been funded through individual, business, church, community, and foundation donations and runs during the school year.  It began serving students at Smith Elementary and expanded to Heritage school with help from volunteers from Crossroads Community Church.  In fall 2021, we expanded again to include the 7th - 12th graders at the Jr/Sr. High School.  We also have a "Summer Tide Me Over" program where families can come to Outreach to pick up a weekly bag of groceries, too. 

Here is the 2022-2023 Tide Me Over Application Form:

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